Lindsey Macdonald is a professional photographer, hair and make-up artist with a studio in Mississauga, Ontario. With many years as a professional model/actress herself, she has found her passion behind the scenes helping others look and feel their best for any occasion that demands great photos or a great look.

Her make-up skills can transform you from "night of the living dead" to Beyonce faster than you can say "Queen Bee" and her warm personality and sense of humour is like a human Valium for anyone who feels awkward or uncomfortable in front of the camera (she has an arsenal of top-notch impersonations/voices ready upon request).

Other great facts about Lindsey:

- A fitness fanatic, she sweats like a pig to look like a fox.
- She's a great gluten-free/vegan/ nut-free cook as she is surrounded by family with food intolerances and has adapted many awesome recipes.
- She has the cutest little caffeine addiction (hint: bring a low-fat latte to your shoot)
- She does the best Heinzkitz Velvet impersonation in all the land. Seriously ask her.
- She loves Will Ferrell; he's her spirit animal.